Technology Partnership

Collaborate With Experts to Gain Competitive Edge

Information technology partnership creates an environment with shared goals and clearly defined responsibilities for IT initiatives. This collaboration means joint planning, efforts, innovation, and a high level of trust based on transparency and consistency from both sides.

Technology partnerships are effective for:

  • Open-ended tasks/projects with a large share of uncertainty around requirements, timing, costs, and more.
  • Enterprise-wide initiatives like digital transformation and business process automation requiring a deep understanding of internal processes, multiple integrations, multiple parties involved, and cooperation with existing in-house IT teams and other IT vendors.

Why BOP is the Preferred Partner

BOP solves problems that are otherwise not solvable and prevents or mitigate problems proactively.

Better solutions. Faster and Wiser innovation.

 Understanding the depth and scope of our client’s businesses and enterprise-wide IT environments allows us to develop efficient, long-lasting IT solutions and choose effective technologies.

Higher and faster value

via our deeper understanding of our clients’ business goals and challenges, as well as the clients’ access to our processes, best practices, ideas, knowledge about similar challenges we’ve addressed. Besides, we can connect companies with other reliable tech partners having the required special skills.

IT costs reduction

A long-term partnership produces greater efficiency and cost-saving (via economies of scale and economies of scope). Also, our approach is to spot problems and improvement opportunities early, which reduces the investment in their resolution.

Why BOP ?


Interdisciplinary digital consulting teams that consist of consultants with a wide range of industry (manufacturing, retail, healthcare, logistics, professional services, telecommunications, etc.), functional, and technology expertise.


Solid project management: full-scale PMO, effective collaboration models to reduce time-to-market and time-to-decision on all levels, robust risk management practices, etc.


Working in a collaborative model internally and throughout all levels of a client’s organization.


Cutting-edge technologies and data-driven insights: big data (since 2013), IoT (since 2011), AI/ML (since 1989), AR/VR, AVI, blockchain, image analysis, etc.; Industry 4.0, Supply Chain 4.0, digital health, smart cities.


A privileged position in the technology ecosystem: partnerships with many key players – Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, Adobe, etc. – grant BOP direct access to their advisory assistance, additional discounts, and more.


Compliance with HIPAA, GAMP,  PCI DSS, SOC 3, GDPR, and more.

BOP’s Approach to Strategic IT Partnerships: Maximizing Cooperation Value


Focus on your business goals.


Only reasonable IT investments
continuously balancing costs, risks, and business outcomes.


Quarterly improvements in cooperation:

  • Regular roadmap revision (stated business needs vs. current business needs; the value BOP brings vs. the highest possible value).
  • Adding improvements and possible competitive advantages to your IT ecosystem.
  • Anticipating and openly communicating potential stumbling blocks in cooperation.

Maintaining a balance of dependency

  • All relevant information on the work done and processes established is synthesized and shared with you.
  • BOP is ready to assist with transferring knowledge to a new vendor (upon your request).
  • BOP is open to co-sourcing.
  • All software code is owned by your organization.

Realistic performance estimates and fulfilling commitments.

How IT Partnership with BOP Works?

High quality of information exchange.

Short and direct communication paths.

Joint problem solving and decision making.

Integrated processes for risk assessment and management.

Building and maintaining trust.

Quick pace of development and innovation.

Commitment to develop and maintain relationships and gain high ROI in the future.

Possibility of long-term collaboration (3-10+ years).

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