Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation for Business Growth

Our approach to Digital Transformation


In-depth investigation of the current business state

At this step, we:

  • overall business picture: size, geographical presence, significant processes, business model(s), product/service lines, supply chains, and finance.
  • Find out the business goals and roadmap for company development. We consolidate the visions of all the stakeholders, and advice on fine-tuning the strategy for digital transformation.
  • We define business areas that need transformation and study them using business process assessment, interviews, problems/goals decomposition, and value stream mapping.
  • Identify areas of waste:
    • We identify time and energy waste for manual, repetitive, and excessive activities.
    • Defects in end products or processes and costs associated for correcting them.
    • Irrational use of assets or space.
    • Miscommunication and poorly coordinated activities between employees.
    • Wasted data.


    Digital transformation strategy

    • We set long-term digital transformation goals.
    • Prioritize goals based on the impact expected and urgency.
    • Plan a sequence of manageable initiatives to achieve the goals.
    • Assess each initiative in terms of cost, time, and human resource requirements.


    Digital transformation implementation

    We help with the following:

    • IT infrastructure transformation to reduce costs and enable technology-driven innovation
    • Implementation of new software to improve business processes.
    • Transformation of existing software solutions to align with the current business needs and make them maintainable and user-friendly.
    • Integration of business systems internally and with third-party apps and services.
    • Set up data analytics of the required complexity, from descriptive data analysis to data science.
    • Digital testing is tailored to digital transformation projects and covers end-to-end functional, integration, performance, security, usability, and data migration testing.


    Risk mitigation

    Throughout the digital transformation process, we control the following risks:

    • Operational complexity to eliminate user-unfriendliness in apps or processes that are hard to adopt
    • Unresponsiveness or lagging performance of apps due to the architecture
    • Vulnerabilities in a cybersecurity systems
    • Data leakage or data confidentiality breaches
    • Non-compliance of digital solutions with sectoral regulations
    • Cost and time overruns


    Program and project management

    We concert all the activities planned for digital transformation and help:

    • To coordinate multiple autonomous teams
    • Manage the costs and achieve maximum business value within the given budget
    • Establish the practice of continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD)
    • Manage delivery deadlines and alleviate possible delays
    • Progress report on digital transformation
    • Tune the digital transformation strategy even during the implementation in case of changed circumstances

    Digital Transformation Technologies We Use to Ensure Business Value

    Edge computing & low-latency network

    Cloud computing

    Robotic process automation

    Machine & deep learning

    Natural language processing

    Artificial intelligence & data science

    Internet of Things


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