Tally Prime

Accounting software is an essential part of any Enterprise system, including modules to address the primary accounting areas of General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable, Cash Management, Currency Management, Tax Management, Deferred Revenue Accounting, Inter Company Accounting, Recurring Revenue Management, Fixed Assets, and Payroll Management.

Our Solution Drives Growth- Here’s How?

We believe in the power of technology thatdrives customer success and helps focuson what matters most for the businesses. Tally Prime is the best way to kickstartyour business automation journey or switch to Tally simpler than ever before.

Simple to Learn, Easy to Use

Getting started with Tally Prime is extremely simple. You can set up the application in less than a minute and get started with invoicing even faster.

Insightful Reports

Tally Prime comes with a diverse set of readily available business reports with powerful and actionable insights for accurate business decisions.

Safe Business Data

Remotely access business reports from a web browser with secure data protected by TallyVault, that’s powerfully encrypted.

Benefits of an Accounting Software for Your Business

Your Growth Partner

The right insights help you grow your business and make the right business decisions. With features like “Go-To” and “Customisable reports” in TallyPrime, you can discover the reports, slice and dice them as you prefer.  TallyPrime enables you to manage multiple companies and incrementally add features such as multiple go-downs, multi-currency, order process, cost centres and more, thereby removing complexities and helping you focus on business growth.

Better Control over Cash Flow

Quick and hassle-free bills receivables, and payable management help you get paid faster and manage payment timelines. Tally facilitates easy and efficient stock movement, thereby optimising the cash flow. The insightful reports help you make confident decisions and plan the growth of your business better.

Enhanced Business Efficiency

With the speed that Tally provides, you can get things done efficiently, helping you do more for less. With TallyPrime, you can print or view the reports in the middle of a voucher entry, load another company while viewing a report – without abandoning the activity you were on. No more remembering shortcut keys; you have the intuitive and consistent workflow that helps you work faster.

Tax Compliance Made Easy

Tally’s Prevention, Detection and Correction mechanism ensures that your books are always accurate, giving you the confidence that the returns you file are always correct!

TallyPrime Server offers powerful data server capabilities over the Gold license. This server-based Data Architecture unleashes greater concurrency, secured data access, and advanced monitoring capabilities. TallyPrime Server is truly an Enterprise Class product that helps fast-growing medium and large businesses improve their business efficiencies.

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